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ECMP elections
Published by Andy Woods on Sunday, 10th July 2016
The ECMP Congress was held in Sofia on 10 July 2016.

The result of the elections is essentially that the post holders are as before.

Dmitry Svatkovsky was re-elected President unopposed. Andris Feldmanis and Andrei Kuzmanov were re-elected as Vice-Presidents unopposed. The Honorary Auditors Alexander Peirits and Slavomir Kopec were reappointed unopposed.

6 candidates stood for 4 Board places. Votes cast by the 22 voting nations were Andrejus Zadneprovoskis 20; Beata Simoka 19; Anna Bajan 20; Anthony Temple 19; Stefano Pecci 8; Jouko Pakannen 1. The first 4 identified above were elected.

Riccardo di Luca was elected Athletes Representative.