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The Oddest Sports People Bet On Around the World

Similar to the bizarre prop bets, you can make on Super Bowl Sunday, such as which person the MVP will mention first during his interview, you can bet on some strange sports as well. Although people have bet on all of these, you might not find them all in your local sportsbook. Still, you might be able to find some of them in your favorite online sportsbook. Are you ready to discover which are the most bizarre “sports” people bet on?

Arm Wrestling

There is something strange about so much drama arising from arm wrestling. There’s nothing particularly dramatic about it, as Sylvester Stallone illustrated in Over The Top. There is almost no coverage of the events on TV or in print, and slow-motion replays look ridiculous.

However, punters and bodybuilders will not stop betting on arm-wrestling matches. Something about it makes arm-wrestling enthusiasts wish to place wagers.


It’s easy to confuse bandy with hockey, since there’s ice, skates, sticks, and helmets, yet they’re not the same. In reality, it’s like ice soccer featuring 11 players per team, a 110-yard playing surface, and a goal that is seven feet high and 11 feet wide.

Even if most of the people across the globe haven’t even heard of it, people from Baltic and Scandinavian countries love to bet on this sport.


It’s possible to gamble on video game versions of sports if you aren’t really into sports gambling. Basically, that’s what eSports is, and you can bet on it.

The extreme rise in popularity of eSports betting occurred over the last couple of years. And more and more gamers are getting interested in betting. However, this trend has also made avid sports punters get interested in gaming. Some of the most popular eSports to bet on are Dota2, LoL, CS: GO, and many more.

Harness Racing

It’s like horse racing, except the jockey rides in a two-wheeled wagon instead of mounting the horse. The sport may seem funny to bet on, but bettors who love it are rather serious about it. Trotting races, also called harness races, are very entertaining. However, what is truly peculiar about this sport is that its rules and odds differ from country to country.


It is funny to call WWE betting gambling, right? Basically, it’s entertainment gambling, as it involves no actual competition. Wrestlers compete for airtime and booking favor, but it isn’t as blatant as it sounds. Performing arts professionals who are being positioned as a face, or as a good guy, need to get cheers from the audience while heel characters are booed. Even if most of the bettors probably already know the outcome, they still place wagers on WWE.