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Betting Online: How Widespread Is It?

Each year, more people use the internet to find entertainment they were previously unable to access. The same goes for gambling online. A trip to the casino or a sportsbook is no longer necessary and gambling is just another activity that no longer requires leaving the house. Today, we have two popular forms of online gambling: sports betting and online casino games! In the last few years, you have probably seen many bonus offers, such as Bethard Welcome Offer and other betting opportunities on online sportsbooks if you have been on social media or watched on game day. The ads depict sports gambling as a way to socialize and engage with your friends while playing. It is not surprising sports betting is becoming more popular than ever.

Online Betting Industry

Betting on the internet is undergoing significant changes, which will enhance its growth in the future. Currently, the market is valued at $67 billion, and it is predicted to reach $93 billion by 2023. The growth rate is roughly 11.5% annually. In order to bring about this growth, two trends need to be considered. Firstly, we spend an increasing amount of time online, including time spent on betting. The second is loose regulations all over the globe. 

Sports betting was legalized on the federal level after the U.S. Supreme Court, which brought about the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act in May of 2018 as a result. In the ensuing years, over two dozen other states have followed suit, bringing the total number of states to twenty-five. Ultimately, legal industry profit is the goal.

This year’s Super Bowl has been predicted to attract stakes of $4.3 billion. 23,2 million Americans plan on betting on the game. In the upcoming year, 7.6 million people plan to bet online, an increase of 63% over last year. By 2023, sports betting is projected to generate six times more revenue than it did in 2020, with revenues reaching $1 billion. In the event that all 50 states legalize sports betting, revenues could exceed $19 billion a year. Media and tech startups will compete for consumer attention to create new billion-dollar marketing niches.

The Most Popular Types of Online Betting

The online betting market is divided into several different categories. With 32% of all online betting activity going into casinos, it is safe to say that it is among the most popular ones. It appears that casino games like blackjack have the same appeal online. At 4.5%, bingo is a much less popular online version of the game. Sports betting is by far the most popular gambling activity on the Internet, generating $66 billion in value each year.

Betting On Betting

It is truly astounding how much money is bet on sports. A total of $57 billion has been wagered on legal sports since the Supreme Court’s decision, and a bizarre $4.1 billion has been earned in revenues. In addition, $571 million in tax revenue has been collected. In addition, these statistics represent activity in roughly 20 states. A total of 40 states are expected to participate in the industry in a few years. As betting surges, investing has followed. Investing in betting appears to have become a trend.