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How to Choose the Best Equipment for Pentathlon Training

For those who don’t know, a pentathlon is a sports event that includes five different disciplines. The modern version of the pentathlon consists of 3200 meters run, show jumping, freestyle swimming 200 meters, fencing, and pistol shooting. Naturally, each of these individual disciplines requires special equipment. And in this article, we’ll explain what is the best practice for choosing the right pentathlon equipment. 

Fencing Equipment

Before we move on to actual advice on how to find and pick the best pentathlon equipment, we will go over the necessary items to practice and participate in this discipline. Fencing equipment consists of a jacket, mask, breechers, fencing shoes, gloves, chest protectors, and a sword. The jacket serves to protect most of the body parts from the neck down. Athletes wear a “Sous-Plastron” under the jacket as an additional layer of protection. The “breechers” are a type of trousers that end just below the knee. They are used to cover the thighs and knees. Fencing shoes are a special type of footwear with flat soles and reinforcements in the back and front. They prevent the foot from lunging. Furthermore, gloves protect the hand as well as the arm from any potential injuries. Perhaps one of the most important pieces of fencing equipment is the mask. It protects the face and the neck, and it weighs around 6 pounds. When it comes to chest protectors, they are mostly used by female fencers. Lastly, every fencer needs a sword called an Epee. This weapon has a round guard where the fencers usually grip the Epee.

Swimming and Cross-Country Running Equipment

Equipment for swimming in a pentathlon includes a pair of goggles, a swimming trunk, and a swimming cap. A swimming cap is especially important for swimmers with longer hair since it prevents the hair from going into their eyes while they are competing. 

For cross country running, all that participants need are shorts, shoes, and vests. 

Pistol Shooting Equipment

Once upon a time, athletes could pick their own weapons. Now, they all use laser pistols that are faster and more efficient than the traditional ones.

Show Jumping Equipment

For show jumping, every athlete sits on a horse and performs show jumping in front of the judges. Since there are many jumps that are being performed, there is also a long list of equipment that’s needed for this discipline. The basic equipment needed for showjumping includes breastplates, martingales, harnesses, bits, reins, halters, bridles, stirrups, and saddles. 

U.S. Army, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons – cropped

How To Choose The Right Equipment

The worst thing that you can do when getting your pentathlon equipment is buy something without researching it first. After you make the list of all the necessary items, the first thing that you can do is consult different blogs or read the reviews of other users. Here you can gain a sense of what is overpriced and what manufacturers offer the best quality.

Moreover, you can look at different brands used by athletes who have competed in the past and their experiences with them. However, keep in mind that some brands are sponsoring the athletes, and just because an athlete is using that equipment, it’s not necessarily the best one out there.