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What Could Sports Look Like In The Future

It’s not unusual to dream about the future. Most of us do it. Even in the movie “Back To The Future” we can see how people in the ‘80s envisioned our age. So, it comes as no surprise that sports fans do it too. 

However, we can now make a more probable prediction about the future of the sports world, since we have different technologies that are rapidly evolving and that can help us make that estimation. Now, let’s take a glimpse into the future and see how the sports industry will look like in the next thirty years. 

Eco-Friendly Stadiums

Our present points to a future in which we will have to be much more careful of our environment in every possible way.

For this reason, we can expect to see more electric cars in the future, which would mean less noise around stadiums’ parking areas. Also, stadiums will most probably have to use green energy which will allow them to be built around city centers.

Moreover, the level of security in these venues will improve with better facial recognition systems. 

What About The Athletes

Even today, we can see how athletes are enjoying the benefits of technological advancements. Athletes today use various technologies that help them calculate the optimal tempo and the length of training sessions according to their own possibilities. This means that athletes rely on technology to help them achieve the best personal results. 

In the future, we can even see genetic enhancements that can be used to prevent injuries and provide another level of safety for the athletes during the game.

However, if more and more of these enhancements are used it can lead to two different types of athletes. Those who never used genetic enhancements before and genetically modified athletes. Which would ultimately result in two separate leagues for every discipline. 


As far as broadcasting goes, it is probable that in the future we will have more advanced VR sets so that you could be “virtually” present at any game that you want to attend. This means having a complete live experience without ever leaving your home. This goes great with the whole idea of an eco-friendly future since fewer people would have to use their cars to go to a stadium and on the other hand, more people can “visit” the stadium and enjoy the game.